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On Tue, 2003-08-05 at 15:25, Jon Gunderson wrote:
> I think we should rethink our FTF meeting strategy.  Currently our draft 
> charter says 2- 3 FTF meeting a year.  Our last few FTF meetings have been 
> sparsely attended and I think we need to rethink our FTF meeting strategy.
> I would like the working group to consider developing and presenting 
> workshops at various conferences to raise awareness of UAAG and to attract 
> developers to participate in the working group.  The workshops could be 
> followed up with more in formal birds of a feather discussions.  These 
> workshops would serve as our FTF meeting for the next year.
> Options include:
> 1. Special workshops independent of conferences or other developer events
> 2. Workshops as part of regular conference programs, with BOF times after 
> the workshop
> What do people think?

I like the idea of organizing a workshop this year for
two purposes:

  1) See where we are with UAAG 1.0 after (approximately)    
     one year. Are there conforming user agents? Do we
     have any feedback on the specification? Who is using
     the spec?

  2) Invite people interested in the next generation
     of user agent guidelines. Often, W3C organizes a 
     Workshop [1] to gather input to the charter development
     process. We do not yet have a clear plan for what
     our next generation guidelines will focus on. A workshop
     gives us a chance to gather information.

After a workshop, we should develop a charter based on what
we've heard.

I also think that a presence at conferences to talk to and
hear from developers is a good idea. I don't know whether
that needs to take the form of a Workshop each time, however
(at least in how I am using the term "Workshop").

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