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Raw minutes from 11 July UAWG teleconference

From: Ian B. Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 15:32:18 -0400
Message-ID: <3D2DDD42.80001@w3.org>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

UAWG teleconference, 11 Jul 2002

Agenda announcement:

Participants: Jon Gunderson (Chair), Ian Jacobs (Scribe),
Harvey Bingham, Tim Lacy, Matt May, David Poehlman

Absent: Jim Allan, Rich Schwerdtfeger

Regrets: Marisa Demeglio, Jill Thomas, Lee Bateman,
          Aaron Leventhal

Absent: Eric Hansen

Previous meeting: 20 June 2002

Next meeting: 25 July, 2pm ET

Reference document 8 July 2002 Working Draft


  1. Comments on 8 July UAAG working draft

HB: The normative and exclusions section confuses me, since both
are in same section.

IJ: Please indicate which ones to clarify.

HB: Any attempt to integrate the coordinated glossary?

IJ: No. We should finish our document first.

TL: I've looked at the document. Agree with HB that some
inclusions/exclusions needs some clarification.

JG: Please send comments to the list.

IJ: Some grouping is helpful. Separation of editorial comments
from substantial is a big help.

JG: Tim, have you looked at Guideline 6? Note that 6.4 is much less
precise than 6.1-6.3. Developers may have questions about what /how
much information must be required to satisfy this checkpoint.

TL: some details in techs document would help.

Action TL: Send to the UAWG a pointer to text about the
functionalities available through MSAA for access to rendering
information (for techniques for 6.4).

JG: Or even other products that support access to rendering

TL: Windows does by itself.

Action DP: Contact Loretta for information about how Adobe implements
MSAA to get or provide information about rendered information in
Acrobat Reader (for example).

Action IJ: Add GECKO-API as reference in 6.4 as well as 6.2.

On checkpoint 10.1

HB: Does query technique suffice?

IJ: Is query sufficient? Or is rendering nearby required?

DP: I think query is good.


  1. Clarify 10.1 to read "For graphical user agents that render
     tables, for each table cell, allow the user to view
     associated header information."

  2. Sufficient techniques:
     a) Query the table cell.
     b) Render the table cell and associated header information
        so they are both visible in the same viewport.

On checkpoint 4.1

IJ: What about new wording?

    1.  Allow global configuration of the scale of visually rendered
    text. Preserve text size differences when the user changes the

IJ: Suggest: "Text rendered at different sizes should scale

HB: What about rounding errors?

Action IJ:

  1. Change second sentence in bullet one to
     "Text rendered at different sizes should scale proportionally."

  2. Clarify that rounding may occur and is appearing.

  3. Clarify that 4.1-4.3 are for content only by adding "content"
     to provision one.

Action IJ: Review whether to add word "content" in remaining
checkpoints where content only is meant.

On checkpoint 4.6

Action IJ:

   - In second sufficient technique, delete "so that the user may
   position them independently."

On checkpoint 6.2

Action IJ:

  - Add a statement to 6.2 in normative exclusion that exporting
    out of process may be useful.

On checkpoint 4.14

IJ: Clarification.

MM: Opera allows selection of author alternative style sheets,
     as does Mozilla 1 and 1.1alpha.


  - Revised text is ok.

Action IJ:

  - Indicate in Note that allowing the user to select more than
    one style sheet may be a useful way to implement other requirements
    of this document. Also, if the user agent offers several
    default style sheets, the user agent can also use these to
    satisfy some requirements (e.g., available on the Web; this would
    allow user agents to improve accessiblity of deployed user agents).

Last call preparation

IJ: Please have comments about UAAG 1.0 draft by 24 July.

Can commit to 24 July: HB, TL, DP.

JG: People still commenting on the document, but we
are close to last call. Next steps:

  - It would improve the quality of last call comments to
    update the implementation report. IJ, MM, JG plan to
    meet in early August.

  - Last call expectation: Notification to interested parties
    about changes we've made.

JG: I may organize a meeting on test suites on 18 July
(DP, MM interested).

IJ: Test suite WG meets at that time.

JG: Maybe a different time then.

Action JG: Contact Lofton Henderson to schedule
meeting to look at Colin's test suite progress.

Proposed last call schedule

  24 Jul: UAWG comments due.
  25 Jul: Next UAWG teleconference.
   2 Aug: IJ, MM, JG to meet in Chicago to talk about impl report.
   9 Aug: Provisional last call start date.
  13 Sep: End of last call (even if we start between 9 and 16 August).
     Early October: Proposed Recommendation.
     Mid November: Recommendation.

Draft test suites

JG: Colin Koteles has generated 88 HTML tests. See draft
for checkpoint 1.1:

JG: Hoping to use XSLT to link tests together. We are still refining
our DTDs, and want to automate generation of documents.

Open Action Items

1. JG: Write up user scenarios for why non-text-based highlighting
important for users; notably which users.
        See for additional questions:

2. JG: Add implementation of Checkpoint 3.1 from Konqueror


3. JG: Add user style sheets for outline view requirements in
Konqueror, Opera, Amaya and IE to implementation report for 
Checkpoint 10.5
Outline view


4. JG: Acrobat 5.0 generates a navigation view, so implementation of
Checkpoint 10.5


5. JG: Add user style sheets as an implementation of configuring
outline view, checkpoint 9.10


6. JG: Add implementation of 5.3 Manual viewport open with Mozilla,
Konqueror and Snufin


7. JG: Add to implementation report of Checkpoint 4.4:
           1. PlexTalk by Plextor (audio, http://www.plextalk.org/)
           2. Victor Reader by VisuAide (audio,
           3. Victor Soft reader by VisuAide (audio,
           4. LpPlayer by Labyrinten (audio,
           5. eNounce (audio and video, http://www.enounce.com/)


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