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From: "Jill Thomas" <jill@ionsystems.com>
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Sent: Sunday, March 10, 2002 11:41 PM
Subject: Web Eyes is released

We have released Web Eyes (tm).  It is an IE browser plug in (722K) that
can take any web site - whether it
is tagged for accessibility usage or not - and reflow it so that it can
be read at any font size (4 points - 144 points) as well as by Jaws and
Window Eyes!

To try it out, go to http://www.ionwebeyes.com. You can use it on any
domain for 10 minutes regardless of if the domain has purchased Web Eyes

or not.  We sell Web Eyes to the domain owners as an annual license
($600 - $5,500 based on the number of pages in a domain) for unlimited
downloads and unlimited reading time on all registered domains. If you
try to read CNN.com with Jaws - it does an intelligible job. By
accessing it via Web Eyes, it is 100% logical and usable.  You can turn
graphics and columns on and off. For screen readers, use a single column

and a small font size for maximum usability. You need IE 5.5 or higher.
When installed, Web Eyes is under the Tools menu.

My husband is in DC this week demonstrating it to several government
agencies. I think this will ROCK the accessibility community since sites

who "haven't had time to add the necessary tags" will now be usable by
them as well as normal sighted users. It is a win-win-win!
Accessibility community can read the information, web sites designers
can still have a formatted site and the corporate entities don't have to

pay to have two sites designed and maintained.

Sorry I couldn't give you a pre-release version - patent issues needed
to be finalized first.
I look forward to your response.

Jill Thomas
President, ION Systems, Inc.
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and, in the near future, blind readers.
Web Eyes (tm) a web plug-in facilitating compliance with Section 508 and
accessibility to any web page for low-vision users.

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