Re: Raw minutes from 14 Feb 2002 UAWG teleconference

There is a student at INRIA (Nadia Heninger) working on a Test Suite Harness.
Her tool is fairly easy to use for User Agent Testing, and requires a
collection of tests, and produces results in EARL (we would need to get
someone to make a transformation from EARL to the XML language UA is
currently using, but that would be useful anyway.

Action CMN find someone who can help with this.

Her work is being discussed on the ER list:

and it is open source available under the W3C license.



On Thu, 14 Feb 2002, Ian B. Jacobs wrote:


  5. Test suites

  JG: I have some students starting to work on test suites.
  A preliminary set of test suite requirements is available:

  Action IJ: Forward this link to the QA Working Group.

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