Plugin Interface - interest?

I think that within accessibility the people most intersted in this work will
include assistive technology developers, and this group is where more of them
hang outas far as I know.

The W3C has just published a Note on requirements for a component extension

Essentially this work is about how to standardise plugin interfaces to ensure
that any plugin or host can communicate necessary information about the
content - this is particularly important in dealing with multiple flavours of
XML that are mixed together. Having a standard plugin interface would also
allow assitive technologies to have a simpler way to get information from
plugin content, instead of only presenting an alternative (where someone has
gone to the extra trouble of making one).

So the question is:

Are there any people in tis group, or known to this group, who would be
intersted in participating in a working group that took on the job of
developing such a standard?

Alternatively, are there such people who would like it to happen and would
plan to implement it, even if they would not participate?



Please cc: me on replies.

Received on Monday, 17 December 2001 15:01:15 UTC