ie5.5 vs ie6.0 vs ie 6.0/xp?

Hi all,

I've got some impact research to do and was wondering if anyone has info
or resources on what the net effect of compliance with wcag 1.0 might be
in ie6.0 either with xp or on other os.  I know that there are not a lot
of numbers in the accessibility world in ie 6.0 at this point or even xp
but if we use these tools for evaluation, how will they impact the

I've sent this to ua as well.  I have noticed no sugnificant differences
on the downside that I can tell but have noticed some improvements in
accessibility to the web with ie6.0 runing on xp home with jaws 4.01.

Check out the new heading list and rendering feature in jaws 4.01.

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Received on Tuesday, 13 November 2001 10:18:17 UTC