Re: UA comments

>1.  Guideline 2.7:
>"Allow configuration to generate repair text when the user agent 
>recognizes that the author has failed
>  to provide conditional content that was required by the format 
> specification. If the missing conditional
>  content is included by URI reference, base the repair text on the URI 
> reference and content type.
>  Otherwise, base the repair text on element type information. [Priority 2]"
>Even after reading the associated techniques document, I'm still not clear 
>on how authors are going to
>  handle this guideline.  The inclusion of more examples-- perhaps some 
> sample code, as is done in
>  WCAG 1.0 techniques-- would be helpful.  In general, are you talking 
> about incorporating and/or
>  implementing an SSB ( or next-generation Bobby 
> type of thing?  If so, it
>  sounds like a giant request to make of UA manufacturers.

JRG: User agent just needs to provide some information on the element with 
the missing information.  It is only repair in the sense that the user 
agent, based on available information, provides some information on the 
element to the user.  For example an image that is missing alt text, the 
user agent may provide the type of image format and the URL to the image 
file.  The user agent is not trying to fix the authors problem.

Does this make it clearer.  Was it the word repair that was misleading?


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