Checkpoint 4.13 (speech parameters): Seeking clarification on requirements


Checkpoint 4.13 of the 26 Jan 2001 Guidelines [1] and the
note that follows reads:

    4.13 Allow the user to configure synthesized voice 
         gender, pitch, pitch range, stress, richness, 
         speech dictionary, and handling of spelling, 
         punctuation, and number processing according 
         to the full range of values offered by the speech
         synthesizer. [Priority 2] 

      Note: Many speech synthesizers allow users to choose 
      from among preset options that control different voice
      parameters (gender, pitch range, stress, richness, etc.) 
      as a group. When using these synthesizers, allow the user to
      choose from among the full range of preset options (e.g., 
      "adult male voice", "female child voice", "robot voice",
      etc.). Ranges of values for these characteristics may vary
      among speech synthesizers. 

This checkpoint involves three parts:

  a) A conforming user agent for "Speech" must implement
     these 9 parameters.
  b) A conforming user agent agent for Speech must 
     allow configuration according to the full range
     of values of the speech synthesizer
  c) The Note says that it's ok for a speech synthesizer
     to allow configuration of these parameters as a group
    (namely through preset voices).

Points (b) and (c) seem to be incompatible. The checkpoint
suggests that the user must be able to configure each parameter
independently and fully, but the note seems to override that 
requirement. The Note suggests that access to the full range 
of values of each parameter is required in the case where 
the user interface offers the user preset voices.

Here's the question: If full configuration of all parameters a P2 
requirement, or is some configuration (e.g., through preset
voices) a P2 requirement and full configuration of all parameters
a P3 requirement?

I don't have a proposal for addressing this, but I think
that 4.17 needs to be clearer. Can the UA satisfy the
checkpoint by providing limited access (through preset voices)
to the engine's full capabilities? 

 - Ian
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Received on Friday, 23 February 2001 17:53:29 UTC