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Some topics for discussion with CSS WG

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 20:25:09 -0500
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Here are a few discussion points so that, if I am invited to attend
part of the CSS WG during the week of the technical plenary, I can
have an informed discussion about requirements from this WG. [I have
asked for some time at their meeting and have not yet received
a reply from the WG Chair.]

The currently public CSS3 specifications include the following:

  - UI and forms enhancements
  - W3C selectors
  - Color
  - Paged media 
  - Ruby

but there are a number of other specs described in the 
CSS3 introduction:

1) Including accessibility information in context in the relevant
   CSS3 specifications. Some examples:
    - Cascading and inheritance: Importance of user control of styles.
    - Importance of relative units to repurposing of content.
    - UI and forms enhancements:
      * Formatting control of selection.
      * Cursor styles: Where are cursor semantics defined
        (if these are cursor styles)?
      * Some new values of the 'content' property are
        device-dependent (e.g., 'hover-radio-on'). Should
        device-independence be discussed/enabled/encouraged?
      * Ensure that 'resizer' property allows user control of
        viewport size (override of author preference).
      * Need to discuss key-equivalent and tab-index requirements
        for keyboard access.

2) What is status of the behavior module? Aural style sheet
   module? Is work on aural style sheets being coordinated with
   the Voice WG?

3) In CSS3, request that conforming user agents must allow
   users to specify user style sheets, and to
   turn off all author and user styles.

Note: I have not read the CSS3 specifications so I welcome 
additional input for the meeting, notably from WAI PF.

 _ Ian

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