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Changes in 29 December 2000 version of UAAG 1.0

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 04 Jan 2001 13:45:55 -0500
Message-ID: <3A54C4E3.13DE802B@w3.org>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

I have updated the list of changes [1] to include the 
changes [2] to the 29 December 2000 release [3]. 
The changes are quoted as text below.

 - Ian

[1] http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/wai-ua-wd-changes
[2] http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/wai-ua-wd-changes#WD-UAAG10-20001229
[3] http://www.w3.org/WAI/UA/WD-UAAG10-20001229

Ian Jacobs (jacobs@w3.org)   http://www.w3.org/People/Jacobs
Tel:                         +1 831 457-2842
Cell:                        +1 917 450-8783



     * Editorial changes based on comments from [46]Susan Lesch, Martin
       Dürst, [47]Joe Sullivan, [48]Liam Quinn, [49]Al Gilman, Max


     * Section 1.2: Added to section 1.2 and in intro that this document
       for four types of disabilities.
     * Section 1.2: Per comments [50]Richard Premack: Added comment "Not
       all user agents require installation (e.g., those that may be
       of a mobile telephone)."


     * G1: Per [51]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [52]issue 338: Edit
       one sentence.
     * G4: Editorial change to prose based on [53]comments from Al
     * G4: Per [54]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [55]issue 343:
       Multimedia checkpoint group heading changed.
     * G4: Changed "checkpoints for fonts and color" to "Checkpoints for
       visually rendered text (content accessibility)".
     * G6: Based on [56]comments from Al Gilman: Edits to third bullet.


     * 1.1: Per [57]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [58]issue 345:
       Greatly simplified. Now in terms of input modalities. Deleted
       notes as well.
     * 1.2: Per [59]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [60]issue 323: Text
       of checkpoint modified. Note modified as well.
     * 1.3: Per [61]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [62]issue 337: Now
       allows for more than one std API for the keyboard. Added note
       about I18N case after checkpoint. For [63]issue 345: Deleted
       second part of requirement since no longer necessary: "and ensure
       that every functionality available through the user interface is
       available through this API."
     * 1.4: Deleted sentence after 1.4 saying that a special case of 1.1
       (since 1.4 about the UI). Based on [64]WCAG review comments.
     * 2.5: New checkpoint per resolution of [65]issue 346. However,
       taken from last sentence of 2.4.
     * 2.8: Per [66]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [67]issue 329:
       Checkpoint text updated.
     * 3.2: Per resolution to [68]issue 347: Removed offending sentence
       about silent rendering.
     * 3.5: Added comment about why alert important when no content
       available since scripts have been turned off.
     * 3.6; Added note that the HTTP reference is for authors.
     * 3.7: Per [69]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [70]issue 342:
       Editorial changes to checkpoint text.
     * 4.2, 4.3: Changed "text" to "rendered text".
     * 4.2: Per [71]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [72]issue 333: Added
       note that the UA may use another font family for text content
       can't be rendered in the user's preferred font family.
     * 4.3, 4.4: Merged into 4.3 per [73]Proposal from Ian.
     * 4.11: Per [74]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [75]issue 328:
       Checkpoint text updated, note updated.
     * 4.13: Based on [76]comments from Al Gilman: removed definite
       article. Changed to "independent of" (verified in Am. Heritage
     * 4.14: Changes to Note after checkpoint based on [77]9 November
       teleconference: deleted information about properties. Per
       [78]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [79]issue 332: Added "speech
       dictionary" to list of style requirements of 4.14. (As opposed to
       adding a new checkpoint just for this).
     * 4.17: Editorial merge of two sentences.
     * 4.18, 4.20: Minor clarifications about the relationship between
       these two checkpoints.
     * 5.1, 5.2, 5.7: Updated DOM references since DOM specs went to
       Recommendation. Updates based on discussions with Philippe Le
       Hegaret. Removed reference to "read-only DOM" since we are not
       interested in whether the tree itself is read-only. No need to
       define "read access". Refer to [80]proposed changes based on DOM
       to Recommendation.
     * 5.5: In Note, give example of content in one frame causing
       in another. Based on T.V. Raman comment.
     * 7.5: Per [81]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [82]issue 330: Talks
       about script, not natural language. For [83]issue 334: Rewritten
       to make clearer that a search for chars from the document
       character set.
     * 9.2: Per [84]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [85]issue 336:
       Changed from "Avoid" to "Ensure that default input configs do not
       interfere with os accessibility conventions."
     * 9.4: Change to note to talk about pointing device, not GUI
       controls. This probably needs review.
     * 9.5: Per [86]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [87]issue 335: Added
       clarification to Note that this checkpoint does not require
       single-key bindings for character input, only for the activation
       of user agent functionalities.
     * 10.2: Edits to note based on [88]Al Gilman comments.


   Many of the changes to the section on conformance were made as part
   implementing the resolution to [89]issue 345.
     * The section on conformance was reorganized to emphasize that, by
       default, you must satisfy all the checkpoints.
     * Distinction between "out of scope" and "not applicable".
     * New section on "input modality labels".
     * Added requirement to well-formed conformance claim section for
       input modality labels.
     * From section on applicability, deleted part about keyboard
       since moved to input modality section.
     * Moved section on conformance through the ui to sectionon validity
       of claims.
     * New section on responsibility for claims (created from old text).
     * Moved conformance claim example to "up front" in the section on
       conformance so that people know what we're talking about.
     * Added clarification that notes are not normative.
     * Addition of content labels for conformance next to each pertinent
       checkpoint. Per [90]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [91]issue
       Deleted sentence in section on conformance linking content type
       labels to rfc2046. Removed reference to rfc2046.
     * Changed "Text" content label "to VisualText" per [92]Proposal
     * Based on [93]Al Gilman comments: Some clarification to usage of
       "subject of a claim". However, did not supress term, but used
       "user agent" in section 3.1 introduction.
     * Based on [94]Al Gilman comments: Removed "valid" from "valid
       content type label" in all instances.


     * Updated definition of DOM.
     * Added definition of "script" qua writing system. Added
       cross-reference from "natural language" to "script".
     * Per [95]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [96]issue 331: To defn of
       profile, added natural language as an example of prefs. To
       added sentence about parameterization of configs, including
       natural language as one parameter.
     * For [97]issue 334: Added definition of "document character set".
     * Per resolution to [98]issue 347: Modified definition of "rendered
       content" to be less circular.
     * Added definitions of silent/invisible content (and linked to


     * Normative and informative references now split. The normative
       references are those required for conformance.
     * Updated DOM reference since they went to Recommendation. Deleted
     * Deleted reference to rfc2046 per [99]issue 344.
     * Removed AERT references and replaced with ATAG-TECHS per
       review comments.
     * Per [101]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [102]issue 340: Now use
       "refer to" for references, "see" for cross-references.


     * 2.7: Added CSS attrib selector + lang technique
     * 2.8: Added info based on checkpoint changes to 2.8.
     * 3.2: Added to techniques a warning about silent/invisible
       to meeting this requirement.
     * 3.4: Fixed techniques.
     * 4.1, 4.12: Per [103]16/17 November ftf meeting, for [104]issue
       331: Added techniques to 4.1 (text size) and 4.12 (speech rate)
       about per-language configs.
     * 4.11: Added English example, added point about convenient
       increments (taken from checkpoint text).
     * 6.2: Changes based on [105]proposed revision to 6.2.
     * 7.5: For [106]issue 334: Added technique that the search string
       input method should follow system conventions (e.g., for
       international character input).
     * 10.2: Added comment to document the UA's APIs.
     * Deleted references to pwWebSpeak.
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