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MINUTES: W3C User Agent Teleconference 3 May 2001

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@uiuc.edu>
Date: Mon, 07 May 2001 13:32:23 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

1.Extension of last call review period until 14 May

JG: Real Media and others (working

GR:oups) asked for extension for deadline to May 14.

No objections from group.

Resolved - Extend deadline to May 14.

Action JG: send message to chairs list and review list

2.Continue Implementation Report review

JG: move from working with document to working with developers, and 
educating them, and finding

HB: need a list of checkpoints we don't have good implementation on. would 
be a good thing to send to

JG: we want to work individually with developers, translate document to 
specific developer concerns. Ian doing a
good job of educating. Lists don't seem to work well, things get confusing. 
We are working on educating
developers. Techniques doc is huge 6-700 KB. Developers need specific 
requirements. need a good techniques
document to serve as examples. they are not a replacement for working with 

Implementaion Report- Guideline 3

Checkpoint 3.1 backgound imagecan configure most browsers by turning off images

no alerting mechanism for availability of images

HB: techniques- css allows back

GR:ound images on and off. users can control this.

JG: need alerting part-do we know of anyone has done it.

GR:: author could do it with

JA:va script

GR: could do with css3 pseudo element to hover. theoretically, could 
display as tool tip or convention for
rendering pseudo content.

Checkpoint 3.2 place holder for animation animated images>

IE may--

IE has separate settings for show image and play animation. (not sure about 
place holder)

IE if animation turned off, animated gif shows but does not move. if images 
not on, and show place holder turned
on then IE is ok.

IE stop animation with ESC key, this is global, stops everything on page.

GR:: turning off animation causes them not to play. no independent way to 
turn off rendering of static image. bound
to images on off. no way to interact specifically with animation.

JG: current requirement does not say by itself. guidelines are more global 
rather than specific.

GR:: IE does not comply.

DP: seems to.

GR:: view author supplied content. when place holders are rendered, you can 
view the original author supplied
content. if images and animation turned off, should be able to restart 
animation from contest menu

JA: IE does not comply.

GR:: what's missing is configuration by cascade,

video: no implementation

sound: no implementation

JG: need test suites/pages

GR: 3 steps not render, have video as static- then run, or always run

JG: IE has function of show animation, play sound, play video.

GR: can user start object by using context menu. we are seeking

GR:anularity of control.

JG: IE had video turned off, but imbedded video object still played. UA 
does not know what an object does. but
may be able to tell from mime type.

GR: when objects are embedded in non-mouse environment. all keyboard 
binding are part of browser. the user has
no control of embedded object. if function is handed off to other 
application, then user has control.

JG: can you configure any media player to not play a media type.

DP: do it through the operating system. do not play RAM files or other type.

JG: in quicktime have a setting to automatically play new movies when 
started. can this be considered a place

JA: I would be place holder.

DP: place holder is something that would recognize a pass-off to another 

GR: is I associate all media types to be played by Real Player. If media 
type embedded, would expect to see the
real icon, then activate to start

JG: what about link to a movie.

GR: nba playoff game, live feed, pop ups in separate window (no keyboard 
control), but has a link for play in real

JG: if embedded then it is scripting.

GR: with CNN, its

JA:vascript written into link, rather than code in html. need access to 
what is referenced.

Checkpoint 3.3 blinking text IE and Opera

GR:: has test page for blinking/scrolling. Did it for ER,

JG: rewrite page, with code, expectations,

** Action GR: will send test pages to list

Checkpoint 3.4 scripting

IE has disable list but not alert user

Opera can disable, does not warn user

DP: sometimes you see, "you need X in order render page" does this apply.

JG: does not apply,

GR:: for css conformant browser, would be easy to add place holder- to 
insert text as place holder.

JG: reviewing Opera scripting off with CNN page

Checkpoint 3.5 client side redirect, configuration of refresh on user 
request lynx

question does this include scripting refresh need a test bed page

GR:: use meta information, or scripting. base functionality is Lynx. 
provides link for new page, displays code to
see time increment allows user to manually refresh at will.

**Action GR: screen shot of Lynx for refresh, and redirect.

Checkpoint 3.6 Redirect

lynx ?? does this include scripting redirects

Checkpoint 3.7 configuration of not render images



Checkpoint 3.8 view content of place holder, turn off rendering

IE - if you refresh page then rendering reverts to place holder

Lynx - uses external viewer.

possible techniques- when place holder rendered instead of image, when user 
request viewing, use an external pro

GR:am to render. then user can turn off viewer.

JG: have separate checkpoints for scripting.
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