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comments on UA for last call

From: mark novak <menovak@facstaff.wisc.edu>
Date: Fri, 4 May 2001 16:47:59 -0500
Message-Id: <v01540b1ab718ba736472@[]>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
hi Ian et. al.

some comments on the User Agent Guidelines for last call...

- does checkpoint 2.10, "Allow configuration not to render...."
possibly fit better under Guideline 3, "Allow configuration not
to render...." rather than under Guideline 2, "Ensure user....".?

- would a "note" under checkpoint 3.7 help to clarify why
"images" are a P2, and not included in checkpoint 3.2 with audio,
video, and animated images as P1 ?

- i'm stuggling with having a concept as important as a
Guideline, yet that concept doesn't have enough importance
to have at least one priority 1 checkpoint (e.g., Guideline 5)

- in Guideline 6, i do not know what is meant by the term
"interoperable" APIs ?

- in checkpoint 6.2, which "user interface" is being referred to
as allowing the user to modify content.  Is it the user agent user
interface, or is it a user interface built within or from the
content.  Is this distinction necessary and/or helpful?

- checkpoint 6.6, "Implement standard accessibility APIs. "
is problemmatic for me.  I think the issue I have is, thinking as
a developer, i'm asking "Implement standard accessibility
APIs for what???".  In contrast, checkpoint 6.5 talks about
using standard APIs to provide programmtic access to content,
UI, etc..., while checkpoint 6.7 talks about using the operating
env. standard APIs for the keyboard, etc.  Checkpoint 6.6 as
written does not seem to have a "use it for what", if that makes
sense.  From an AT or UA developer point of view, any
APIs related to providing improved accessibility might in
fact be used in all (some more than others) nine of the other
checkpoints under Guideline 6.  Isn't that more of what you
really mean ?

- Guideline 7 and Guideline 8 seem to overlap, they both
use similar language (e.g., benefit accessibilty) Is there a
chance to condense here, and roll the 2 checkpoints from
Guideline 8 into 7?

- in checkpoint 9.2, it talks about sequential navigation in
document order.  Is this a problem ?  Rendered order may not
match document order, and/or are there any international
layout concerns here?

- in checkpoint 9.3, you allow the user to activate any explicitly
associated input device events handlers as a P1, yet in checkpoint
9.5, you allow the user to query for a list of input device
handlers as P2.  How can I know which input device handlers are
available to activate until I do a query, yet 9.5 is lower priority.
Is this a problem ?

- in checkpoint 9.10, it talks about content only, yet the note
refers the reader back to checkpoint 6.4, which is user agent
user interface controls only ?

- Guideline 12, issues already previously documented to this


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