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[Fwd] Sun Microsystems second last call review of UAAG 1.0

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 13 Nov 2000 23:07:28 -0500
Message-ID: <3A10BA80.32CE2825@w3.org>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

Earl Johnson of Sun asked me to forward these comments
to the list. Thanks Earl!

 - Ian

> Hi Ian,
> The following are Sun's comments for the final review period of the
> UAAG. The core team has done a very good job pulling them together and
> making them relevant, thanks to all of you for your efforts.
> Sun Microsystems approves this last call version of the UAAG and
> respectfully asks you to consider the following mostly minor
> comments.
> For Sun Microsystems,
> Earl Johnson
> ---------
> 2.3 ...
>         Recommend rewording to "Provide easy access to at least one
>         ..." and/or changing "... equivalents; 4) ..." to "...
>         equivalents; or 4) ..." as it is used in the checkpoint's
>         example.
>         Also, is there one that must absolutely be supported or that
>         provides biggest impact on delivery of equivalent access to the
>         user? This is asked because it would be bad if there was one
>         clear must have the developer should know about but they pick
>         another less effective one because they think the list isn't in
>         a prioritized order.
> 2.5 ...
>         Does the Techniques for this checkpoint show how to meet this
>         checkpoint or is there HTML/XML/? supported ways for making
>         sure repair can happen? Appologies if this is answered in the
>         techniques for this checkpoint, it couldn't be verified because
>         going there keeps crashing the reviewer's UA.
> 3.2 ...
>         It's not clear what the term "placeholder" means. Consider
>         adding a definition of it to the Glossary.
> 3.3 ...
>         Assuming this checkpoint covers it, recommend adding an example
>         note that includes a stock quote ticker and/or ad banner so it
>         is clear these fall in this realm. Appologies if this
>         suggestion is addressed in the techniques for this checkpoint,
>         it couldn't be verified because going there keeps crashing the
>         reviewer's UA.
> 4.1 ...
>         Thinking of lo vision, where do graphics such as logos,
>         pictures, and diagrams fit into this guideline? Do they or is
>         this a separate case? SVG is mentioned in the Note: but it's
>         not clear that mention is meant to cover these (the checkpoint
>         refers to text not graphics, especially those that convey
>         meaning).
> 4.11 ...
>         A person who can hear knows when the audio stops so they can
>         know when to move onto their next task. Turning off the volume
>         takes that cue away from the user who can hear and gives no
>         indication to the person who can't hear when audio is stopped.
>         On Macs, when volume is turned off, an audible tone is instead
>         represented as a screen flash. Should an equivalent "provide a
>         visual indication when audio ends (and begins?)" be added to
>         this checkpoint or is a new checkpoint covering this needed?
> Under UI checkpoints for guideline #4 ...
>         A regular access related guideline in UI styleguides is that
>         the size of the components should scale when the size of the
>         object it contains (e.g. a lable or graphic) changes. This
>         point doesn't seem to be reflected in any of the checkpoints in
>         this section. Consider adding this point to an existing
>         checkpoint or crafting a new one specifically for it.
> 5.4 ...
>         This reads like a UI not content related checkpoint. Recommend
>         making this more clearly a content checkpoint or moving it into
>         the UI section of checkpoints.
>         Also recommend moving the example contained in the checkpoint
>         down into the "Note: For example ..." portion of the checkpoint
>         to match the style of the guideline's other checkpoints.
> Under UI checkpoints for guideline #5 ...
>         Recommend adding a checkpoint of the type 5.4 presents in the
>         UI section.
> 8.5 ...
>         Does the current HTML/XML/? spec and language provide
>         mechanisms authors can use (and UAs can refer to) to provide
>         the information called for in this checkpoint or are they on
>         their own to figure how they provide (author) and where to go
>         to get this info (UA)? If no, consider removing this checkpoint
>         till support for where to provide it is available. Appologies
>         if this is answered in the techniques for this checkpoint, it
>         couldn't be verified because going there keeps crashing the
>         reviewer's UA.
> 9.7 ...
>         Saving user preferences is an important usability requirement
>         that every user has, it goes far beyond accessibility. Consider
>         bumping this checkpoint up to a P1.

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