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MINUTES(edited): W3C WAI User Agent Telecon 16 March 2000

From: Jon Gunderson <jongund@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu>
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 15:49:26 -0600
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To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org

Chair: Jon Gunderson

Scribe: Ian Jacobs

RSVP Present:
David Poehlman 
Gregory J. Rosmaita 
Denis Anson 
Harvey Bingham 
Mickey Quenzer
Dick Brown 

Hans Riesebos
Kitch Barnicle 

Action Items

Open Action Items


New Action Items 

   1.IJ: Ensure that UA FAQ makes the EO WG agenda. 

   2.IJ: Reuse questions from ATAG FAQ. 

   3.IJ: Coordinate other longdescs for techniques documents with JG. 

   4.JG: Get MN and RS to review Appendix 5. 

   5.DA: Review techniques for Guidelines 7 and 8 

   6.DB: Get Tim Lacy to review G+ 

   7.DB: Review techniques for Guidelines 3, 4, and 11 

   8.DP: Review techniques for Guidelines 1 and 2 

   9.GR: Talk to Paul Schrader at AFB. 

  10.GR: Look into which checkpoints would benefit from audio examples in
the techniques document. 

  11.GR: Review techniques for Sections 3.7 and 3.8 

  12.MQ: Review techniques for Guidelines 9 and 10 

Completed Action Items

   1.IJ: For checkpoint 6.2, add a reference to the XHTML Recommendation

   2.IJ: Add something to document section about documentation with the
product or available elsewhere. (in repsonse to GR concerns)

   3.IJ: For checkpoint 5.1, add a technique to take into DOMs defined by
other specifications (e.g., SVG).

   4.IJ: Add rationale to Checkpoint 1.5: if you're deaf blind you might
need this (Braille display). 

   5.IJ: Put up meeting page for FTF meeting 10-11 April 2000

   6.IJ: Send proposal to clarify checkpoint 4.16 today

   7.IJ: For checkpoint 9.4, change "portion" to "proportion" 

   8.IJ: For checkpoint 10.7, add "in" a profile.

   9.IJ: For checkpoint 6.2, fix bug and explain what a W3C Rec is in the
techniques document

  10.IJ: For checkpoint 4.16 add to definition of Configure that users
should be able to save settings. 

  11.CMN: Suggest some techniques related to the good bits of the DOM Level
2 event module (related to checkpoint on notification 5.4). 
     Canceled at CMNs request 


Next teleconference: 30 March

Regrets: Harvey 

Next face-to-face: 10-11 April

Agenda [1]

[1] http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-wai-ua/2000JanMar/0502.html 

1) Review of Open Action Items

No open action items. 

2) Announcements 

1. FTF meeting 10-11 April 2000 at RFBD in Princeton, NJ


IJ: Deadline for registration 5 April. 

MQ: I intend to go. 

DP, DA, DB: Don't know whether can attend yet. 

JG: We would like to end the meeting at around 3pm on 11 April to allow
people to catch flights. 

GR: I think CMN is coming to the ftf. 

2. 23 March Telecon cancelled due to CSUN conference 

Who is going to CSUN: GR, DB, IJ 

3) Discussion 

1. Proposed Recommendation update 

IJ: We'll ping the AC at the 2-week mark. 

IJ: DB, ping your AC rep! 

DP: If a Member's review brings out problems, what do you do? 

IJ: Address them. Resolutions do not imply returning to CR or WD. 

IJ: Refer to section 2.4.4 for more information about Member reviews. 

2. Press opportunities at Recommendation 

JG: Need quotes! 

IJ: Send names of reps from organizations, Members to the mailing list for
coordination with the Comm Team. 

Action GR: Talk to Paul Schrader at AFB. 

3. FAQ questions 

IJ: Refer to thread 1 December. 

GR: For ATAG, mostly generated during WAI EO meetings where GR and CMN

Frequently Asked Question Suggestions

   1."Will this change user agents overnight?" 
   2."What is a user agent?" 
   3.What is an accessible user agent?" 
   4.How does assistive technologies benefit from these guidelines?" 
   5.When will this affect me?" 
   6.What does it mean to conform?" 

     GR: A statement made in good faith by a developer that they have
satisfied the requirements. 

   7.Does W3C maintain a list of accessible user agents?" 
   8.How do I know that a user agent meets the requirements of the
   9.Why is the DOM important to this document?" 

     GR: Point people to DOM Level 2 intro. 

  10.What can I do as a user to improve user agent accessibility?" 

     GR: get people to do evaluations. 

JG: What about developer-oriented questions? 

Question - "Do I have to implement the DOM and platform-specific standards?" 

JG: DOM for content, others for UI. 

GR: The EO WG proposed the FAQ to the ATAG WG for review. 

Action IJ: Ensure that UA FAQ makes the EO WG agenda. 

Action IJ: Reuse questions from ATAG FAQ. 

MQ: We need a statement about why we're doing what we're going. 

HB: A paragraph at the beginning of the FAQ about the FAQ. 

/* Discussion of Java accessibility and Microsoft */ 

4. Potential agenda items for ftf about "Life after Rec"

1) Responsibility for UA Support page (from WCAG)? 
2) Support materials for ATs? Guidelines for ATs? 
3) Scope of next generation of guidelines? More XML? More UI things? More
mobile things? 
4) Should WG Track conforming user agents? Should WG keep list of
conforming user agents? What can the WG do to help even if they don't track? 
5) Regularly scheduled ftf meetings (over, say, a year)? Specialized
meetings to bring players into the WG? 
6) More on scripting 

5. Review of techniques document for areas of weakness 

Action JG: Get MN and RS to review Appendix 5. 

1) Distributing the content generation to WG is a good thing. 
2) Format is tertiary. 
3) We'll use D-links (and title on the link) + longdesc. 

Action IJ: Coordinate other longdescs with JG. 

GR: Should we have auditory descriptions of images? 

HB: SMIL files for the techniques document? 

Action GR: Look into which checkpoints/techniques would benefit from sounds. 

Actions to review of particular sections: 

1) DB: Get Tim Lacy to review G+ 
2) DB: Guidelines 3, 4, and 11 
3) GR: Sections 3.7 and 3.8 
4) DA: Guidelines 7 and 8 
5) DP: Guidelines 1 and 2 
6) MQ: Guidelines 9 and 10 

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