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Issue CR#194: return to time in MM presentation

From: Madeleine Rothberg <madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org>
Date: 02 Mar 2000 17:29:04 -0500
Message-ID: <-1260104358madeleine_rothberg@wgbh.org>
To: "W3C-WAI-UA" <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
Regarding the issue of going "back" to a specific time in a multimedia
presentation, the minutes from Wednesday's telecon suggest that this is
impossible in a streamed presentation. I disagree. It is impossible in
a live stream, since the stream always contains the live material, but
if a completed presentation is available as a stream, as many are,
it should be possible for a UA to bookmark a specific time in the stream
and restart streaming at that point. So I think we only need to comment
that this checkpoint is inapplicable to live streaming media.

Portions of minutes below.


Issue CR#194 : In a timed presentation does checkpoint 7.2 mean return to
the time that the user was at in a previous MM rendering 


- Add an examples of multimedia/time to "point of regard" 
- Add a technique for multimedia tools about: 
a) If the presentation stops when you leave a presentation, bookmark and
return. Distinguish running in "background" from paused. 
b) Comment about inapplicability for streamed media.
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