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Techniques for 4.14

From: Jim Allan <allan_jm@tsb1.tsbvi.edu>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 12:38:56 -0600
To: WAU-ua <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
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Check point
4.14 Allow the user to configure how the content focus is highlighted (e.g.,
foreground and background color). [Priority 1]

The user can configure how content focus is highlighted by using the :active
pseudo-class of cascading style sheets for html elements.

for example

A:active {background: blue; color: yellow }

would cause links that are activated via the tab key will appear with a blue
background and yellow text.

in the future when :focus pseudo element and "outline" border is supported
in browsers then

textarea:focus { outline: thick black solid; }

would cause textareas that have keyboard focus to appear with a thick solid
black outline(border).

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