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Getting priorities straight

From: William Loughborough <love26@gorge.net>
Date: Sat, 29 Jan 2000 05:05:01 -0800
Message-ID: <3892E57D.DABB35D9@gorge.net>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
JB:: "...whether the priority of documenting active   user-preferences
for input configurations (such as keyboard bindings) should be the same
priority as for author-specified configurations"

WL: There is little in the correspondence about this to give the full
flavor of the discussions but since both author and user settings *can*
apparently be revealed, the notion that there be a lower priority for
those of the user (if I understand this at all correctly, which is
unlikely) is simply senseless. It has the flavor of the old question of
whether the author or user gets the last dance in the cascade order of
CSS. We are here for the user (full stop!).

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