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Re: Usability considered (last call review)

From: Bryan Campbell <bryany@pathcom.com>
Date: Wed, 08 Dec 1999 10:40:22 -0500
Message-Id: <>
To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
4-12-99 Ian Jacobs (jacobs@w3.org) wrote:
>> To make it more useful the Guildline should state that Direct access
>> must load a link & move the link highlight to that link (as an option), then
>> when users return to the page they'll be in place to key to other links.

>I propose stating this explicitly as a technique under checkpoint
>7.5  (Navigation among active elements).


>> For people with disabilities the ability to use one button repeatedly is much
>> more efficient than repositioning over a 2nd button. I say repositioning
>> because it gives a better sense of how people with reduced dexterity reach
>> the next button or key with accuracy decreasing as the distance to
>> subsequent keys goes up. The ease of Sequential access is underplayed in
>> Guildline 10.3 in a manner that could lead developers not to pursue
>> Sequential access enough to make it more effective! Direct access is
>> appealing, but the point needn't be made at the expense of other methods.

>I propose the following Technique for checkpoint 10.7
>"Provide default input configurations for frequently performed

>  Allow users to accomplish tasks through
>  through repeated keystrokes (e.g., tabbing
>  navigation) since this means less physical repositioning for all users.


>> The hardware trend clearly endorses dedicated Web keys as have been
>> available in software for many years so by making 1 key browsing commands a
>> Priority 1 the UA Group will merely extend the trend to the folks that can
>> most use it! 
>This is our issue 129. I will add a link to your email there
>so that your suggestion is considered at the same time.

>> Most importantly such tests would allow creation of input layouts so
>> developers & users wouldn't have to continually reinvent the wheel.
>> Guildline 10.3 says users should control input which would likely be a
>> complex task for most folks. With the proper information to use Guildline
>> 10.3 could say provide a selections users to choose from, that will likely
>> be easier for programmers to do than for UAs to have what amounts to
>> miniature keyboard macro programs.

>Great technique.

>>  Guildline 4 should do the same for CSS.

>I think CSS should not be written, but generated from UI controls.

>> Besides getting folks off to quick starts developers will receive less
>> questions about how to configure UAs.

>Nice addendum to motivate designers/support teams.


>> On a specific Guildline 7 talks of *tabbing* in regard to Sequential access:
>> that should be changed to keying through because using the word Tab implies
>> uses of the Tab key itself which is too far away from other Page movement
>> keys. Indeed, all browser commands should be near the Cursor-Pad area where
>> Page Up & Down etc. are to reduce traverses across the keyboard.

>I recommend:
>1) Using the term "sequential navigation" instead fo "tabbing navigation"
>throughout the document.


>2) Noting existing practice and your concern about key placement in
>  the techniques for sequential navigation of active elements.


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