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Re: wording of the note for Checkpoint 11.3

From: Ian Jacobs <ij@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 18:05:43 -0500
Message-ID: <3835D7C7.7EE3E5A2@w3.org>
To: "Gregory J. Rosmaita" <unagi69@concentric.net>
CC: User Agent Guidelines Emailing List <w3c-wai-ua@w3.org>
"Gregory J. Rosmaita" wrote:
> aloha, y'all!
> on Wednesday 27 October, in a post with the subject line "the checkpoint
> formerly known as 11.1", i proposed a clarification of the checkpoint which
> was then numbered 11.1, but which has since been renumbered 11.3
> whilst reviewing the 5 November Last Call draft of the UAGL, however, i
> came across the following:
> quote
> 11.3 Document the default input configuration (e.g., default keyboard
>           bindings). [Priority 1]
>           For example, documentation of what user agent features may be
>           activated with a single keystoke [sic], voice command, or button
>           activation is an important part of the user interface to users
>           visual impairments, some types of movement impairments, or
>           multiple disabilities. Without this documentation,these users
>           may not realize they can accomplish a particular task with a
>           single gesture and so might unnecessarily avoid that feature of
>           the software. Or they might waste time and energy using a very
>           inefficient technique to perform a task.
> unquote
> this sounds -- at least to my ears -- as if it belongs in the Techniques
> document's "Accessibility Topics" and not at all like an authoritative
> note...  

Notes are not authoritative. This one is longer than most, agreed,
and also contains more rationale than many of the notes. If it
is to be removed from the checkpoint, I propose moving to the

>(plus, there is a typo in the note, which i have marked with a
> trailing [sic], as the 'r' is missing from the word "keystroke")

> therefore, i would like to ask the chair, editor, and fellow WG members to
> reconsider my proposed verbiage for the note   for checkpoint 11.3
> 11.3 Document the default input configuration for the user agent. [Priority 1]
> Note: Readily available information about keyboard access is crucial to the
> effective use of a user agent by users with visual impairments and some
> types of movement impairments, otherwise a user with a disability (or
> multiple disabilities) may not think that a particular task can be
> performed or may try to use a very inefficient technique to perform a task,
> such as using a pointing device (like a mouse), or by using an assistive
> technology's mouse emulation keystrokes.
> --- end proposed note

I'm not sure what the difference is except editorially. I have no
objection to your text after one reading.

 - Ian
> gregory.
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