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Techniques for checkpoint 10.3

From: Mickey Quenzer <mickeyq@prodworks.com>
Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 07:05:48 -0800
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Techniques for checkpoint 10.3

User agents that allow users to customize or reconfigure mappings from
keyboard, voice, etc. to user agent functionalities should allow each
mapping to be accompanied by a description so that the user can understand
the mapping. For example, if "Control-P" maps to a print functionality, a
short description would be "Print" or "Print setup".

Default values
Device-independent configuration
When using a physical keyboard, some users require single-key access, others
require that keys activated in combination be physically close together,
while others require that they be spaced physically far apart. When allowing
users to configure keyboard access to functionalities, user agents must
consider operating system conventions, author-specified shortcuts, and user
preferences. The user agent's default configuration should include shortcuts
for frequently performed actions and should respect operating system

User agents, to allow the user to turn on and off author-specified keyboard
configurations, may offer a checkbox in the keyboard mapping dialog to that
would toggle the support for author-specified keyboard configurations. In
[HTML40], authors may specify keyboard behavior with the "tabindex" and
"accesskey" attributes.

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