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Re: Ian's Proposed Checkpoint 11.2 (was Re: proposed changes by Ian 1, 2, and 11)

From: Bryan Campbell <bryany@pathcom.com>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 17:59:41 -0400
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To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
11:00 AM 27-10-99 -0400, Gregory Rosmaita wrote:
>ACCESSKEY in HTML4, are not only the keystone of
>direct (versus serial) access to any UI that supports direct access, but the
>very principle upon which a lot of adaptive technology for persons with motor
>impairments is based... yes, the HTML4 spec's definition of ACCESSKEY is
>flawed, but not fatally so, as the implementation of ACCESSKEY by a major
>mainstream UA manufacturer shows...  yes, there are a few problems with IE's
>implementation of ACCESSKEY (particularly when the ACCESSKEY defined conflicts
>with a standard OS keybinding, such as ALT+F and ALT+H), but that is due not to
>a defect in the HTML4 spec, but to the choice of the ALT key as the ACCESSKEY
>trigger, and the failure to foresee the ramifications of that choice and to
>provide a pass-through mechanism to allow the invocation of conflicting


Typing via headwand led me long ago to memorize useful shortcut keys so
ACCESSKEY is appealing. Yet typical Web pages, CNN http://cnn.com/ is a
prime example, have so many links per page that I wonder if authors will be
able to use ACCESSKEY. As Mr Rosmaita says it conflicts with existing
shortcut keys, & it'd be worse for folks using macro programs (unless the
trigger key is very non-standard like '=' or '\'). Since reserve keys vary
by OS it is even difficult to suggest general conventions while a
pass-through could interfere with much needed functions like Sticky Keys
besides possible disrupting the OS. That aside searching pages for hot
'letters' doesn't appear intuitive compared to shortcuts in favorite
programs I know by rote. ACCESSKEY is a great concept that needs more
definition to be useful. For now I think enhanced serial navigation
(shortcuts that move the link highlight 6 to 22 links at a time which I do
via "Macro Express" keyboard macros) appear to be a more consistence
solution, I've a 'feel' for how many links to jump.

Changing themes I want to say *Thank You* to all the people who've done so
much extra work making the WAI a reality. Given the through attention to
detail once all this is finally finished it promises to work so well few
will realize the enterprise that smoothed their access which is the supreme
recognition for such efforts!

Very best regards,

"We call it the Web since we use it to weave infinite numbers of individual
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