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My old task about definitions...

from Webopedia http://webopedia.internet.com/TERM/b/browser.html
browser, a software application used to locate and display Web pages. The
two most popular browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet
Explorer. Both of these are graphical browsers, which means that they can
display graphics as well as text. In addition, most modern browsers can
present multimedia information, including sound and video, though they
require plug-ins for some formats.

In the Introduction it says

These guidelines include information relevant to a wide class of user
agents: graphical desktop browsers, screen readers, speech synthesizers,
multimedia players, text browsers, voice browsers, plug-ins, etc., with a
particular focus on two classes of user agents:

1. Graphical desktop browsers
2. Dependent user agents,...

add ", applications used for retrieving and displaying web pages including
text, graphics, sounds, and other objects. They may require additional user
agents (plug-ins) to display some media/multi-media types such as page
images (pdf, etc.), audio, video, and others."

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