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Comments on UA Techniques 19990827 (part 2)

From: Harvey Bingham <hbingham@acm.org>
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 10:32:34 -0400
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To: w3c-wai-ua@w3.org
Comment notation
Reference by section.subsection
?in question?
[hb: reason for change]

5.3 Tables

Para 1 add "." at end.

Para 2 ...browse in one dimension, i.e. for whom tables are rendered serially.
_The content of any table cell that visually wraps onto more than one line
can be a problem. If only one cell has content that wraps, there is less
problem if it is in the last column.

5.3.1. Add paragraph such as:

_Describe in the table summary attribute value the table structure
in a form suitable for speech output. Simple data tables may have
minimal description. Complex tables can include:

     how many col or colgrp of one or more col if explicit, else the count,
     how many thead rows if any so grouped, else count,
     how many tfoot rows if any so grouped, else count (and their use,
         either more head cells or table footnotes, or both),
     how many tbody sections if any, and number of rows in each,
     how may rows (top and bottom) contain header information,
     how many columns (left and right) contain header information
         if inconsistent, indicate the raggedness, such as the first
         row and spanning cell of each tbody can distinguish its purpose,
     how many data columns there are, possibly distinguished by tbody,
     subsidiary contained tables, frames, objects, or other %flow; elements._

Para 7 The contentXsX of a cell in a data table XareX_is_ ...
     other contextual XagentX_information_...

Bullet 2 ?Ignore table markup entirely. This may assist some screen
readers.? [hb: any complex table may be further constipated by this advise.]

[Ed. Discuss repair strategies for finding header information? _Include
colgrp, col, thead rows, tfoot rows (sometimes), th]

bulleted list 2, add bullet:
* If some topmost row has colspan>1 spanning cells then include the next
row as part of the implicit header with cell content that qualifies and
resolves the colspan.

5.3.3 Cell header algorithm
1. TH cells on both the left and right of the table _body_ need to be
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