RE: ANNOUNCEMENT: DOM Telecon on 31 March


As of this moment, I am planning to be a part of this meeting.  This may
change if special meetings come up in the next two days, but for now, count
me in.

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  Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: DOM Telecon on 31 March

  Please RSVP to the list if you are planning to attend the DOM Telecon on
31 March by tuesday morning (USA, EST).  I want to make sure we will have
enough room on the telephone bridge.

  Chair: Jon Gunderson
  Date: Wednesday, March 31st
  Time: 12:00 noon to1:30 pm Eastern Standard Time (U.S.A)
  Call-in: W3C Tobin Bridge (+1) 617-252-7000

  Agenda will follow later today.


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