quick review of the UA guidelines section 5 (19990210)

Under 5.1, checkpoints for fonts and colors.

- do you need to say anything about being able to distinguish between
visited and unvisted links, in the abscence of style sheets (noted later
in section 5.3.6)

Under 5.1.7, checkpoints for applets and animations

- you may wish to consider changing the priority to #1, as people with
photosensitive epilepsy may not be able to use the UA at all, unless they
are assured that animations are turned off.

Under 5.1.10 , checkpoints for video

- do 5.1.1 thru 5.1.4 apply to the control and position of captions?

Under checkpoints for audio

- do you want to suggest that audio tracks be "text" searchable ?
- do you want to provide some audio feedback as to audio length, either
before it plays, or when paused, etc. ?

Under 5.3, Ensure that links are accessible

5.3.3, allow the user to search for a link based on its attribute values

- do you need to define "which" attributes can be used, given this is a
priority #1 item ?

5.3.4, Allow the user to move the focus to a link based on its integer(
tabbing-order) position

-if I understand what this is allowing the user to do, I don't think we need
this to be a priority #1, given the navigation and searching impiled in
5.3.1 thru 5.3.3

Under 5.4, Ensure that tables are accessible

overall, do you need to state something about a table being able to
take "focus, or point of regard" via the keyboard ?  or is that implied in the
fact that somehow you are going to be able to navigate a table, so it must
have been able to obtain focus ?

also, a limitation i've run into while programming against common
UA's, is that I'm unable to create a TextRange over a table alone.  this is
kind of related to 5.4.5, but not exactly the same.

5.4.1, Provide access to the contents of a specific  -> table <- cell

- minor word change added

5.4.3, Allow the user to navigate amoung tables in a document

 - while helpful, I don't see this as being a priority  #1 item

5.5, Ensure that forms are accessible

- should forms make mention or use of the AccessKey (this might be more of an
implementation or technique issue)?

- while navigating among the form controls, should you say anything about
that you are really navigating from label to label, but the focus or point
of regard is positioned in the "TextField" of that control, thus a user who
navigates to a form control of interest, is properly positioned to reply to
that form control ? (this might be more of an implementation or technique

5.5.4, Allow the user to seach for a form control based on its attribute

- again, do you need to define which attributes, especially if
this is a priority #1 item ??


Received on Wednesday, 24 February 1999 09:10:14 UTC