Comments on sections 2 and 3

The sections are titled:
2 Guidelines, Checkpoints, and Techniques
3 Terms and definitions
My comments are based on the February 10th version of the
In de guidelines: ( 2 )
A chechkpoint answers the question "What should I do to
improve accessibility?"
I find the question posed too vague. It seems to imply that
the checkpoints tell you what and not where. Maybe:
"Where specifically can I improve accessibility?"

In the guidelines: ( 3.1 second paragraph )
"in place of the element's content"
I think it should read:
"in place of or in addition to the element's content"

In the guidelines: ( 3.2 last paragraph )
The italic "author styles" and "user styles" imply that the term
style is part of the content of this sub-section. I think style
must be introduces properly, e.g. as "A set of properties with
pre-defined values (intended to be consistent with
eachother)" or something like that. 

In the guidelines: ( 3.3 fourth paragraph at the end )
"to bring the rendered content into view."
I think it is better to say "into the viewport".
- it is already difficult not to associate a visual environment
when using the word "viewport", it becomes almost
impossible with the wording "into view".
- The viewport itself may be out of view!

In the guidelines: ( 3.3 last paragraph)
Point of regard must be in the title of this section ("3.3 View,
viewport, and point of regard").
- Can we link the point of regard to the content? I know that
there was a huge discussion on point of regard and that it
relates to views, but I find it difficult to associate "a single
point" with aural rendering. The point of regard is in effect a
position in the content, according to a specific view.
(Maybe this comment is best ignored, when it clouds the
subject or reopens a discussion).

In the guidelines: ( 3.4 The user focus)
- The term component comes from nowhere. Readers will
wonder if component is the same as element (or not).
- The last sentence reads:
"The current focus is generally highlighted."
I would prefer: "The current focus is generally presented in
an alternative way (e.g. highlighted)". Difference can be
made now for visual, aural, etc.

In the guidelines: ( 3.4 The uset selection)
- highlight: see above
- "A view may have only one user selection". 
I think it reads more clear this way:
"A view has at most one user selection" or "A view cannot
have more than one user selection."
Same applies to the insertion point.
- The last words: "dynamic braille display". I believe
"refreshable braille display" is more commonly used.

In the guidelines: ( 3.4 last paragraph )
- Both the current focus and the current selection are
mentioned. Isn't the current insertion point missing?
- again the "generally highlighted".

In the guideline: ( 3.6 )
There could be a reference to the PAGL also.

Hope my comments are clear.

Hans Riesebos (

Received on Friday, 19 February 1999 06:32:01 UTC