Re: MINUTES and ACTION ITEMS: 17 Feb UA Telecon

At 01:35 PM 2/18/99 -0600, Jon Gunderson wrote:

>KB: If this is true, do we need the same for video? 
>IJ: Audio track meant to accompany video. This should be clarified. Action
>editors: Clarify in document. 
>KB: Then we don't need it. 
>HB: We may need it for text captions (e.g., different languages). 
>Proposed: If a technology allows for more than one [captioning or
>description] track (for audio or video), the user should be allowed to
>choose from among tracks. 
>Resolved: Add one checkpoint to the document describing this. 

The captioning or description may in fact be a video track with sign
language or a talking head for speech readers.  The language should talk
about control over selection of all available information; illustrations
can be in terms of specific media such as text subtitles for video-encoded
movies, but the logic is symmetrical across all sorts of media
combinations.  Don't imply media limitations in the general statement.

Even where TVontheWeb shows Rob Neff's seminar one has a choice of video
tailored to your modem speed.  


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