New draft of User Agent Accessibility Guidelines


The 10 February 1999 draft of the Guidelines [1] is now available.

The list of changes [2] since the 12 November draft
is available at the Web site. There are quite a number 
of changes to the checkpoints based on the Cambridge 
face-to-face meeting and email since then. 

We encourage your comments on this document. The most
effective way to comment is to clearly indicate:

1) The version of the document you are referring to (by URL)
2) The section of the document you are referring to.
3) The issue you have with the guideline, checkpoint, or text
   By raising issues clearly, we will be able to resolve
   them more quickly in teleconferences and by email.
4) Any proposed text you would like to see in the document.

The Next Draft is scheduled for Friday 5 March.
Stay tuned to the Working Group home page [3] for
more information

 - Ian and Jon


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Received on Wednesday, 10 February 1999 18:55:33 UTC