Discussion of DOM with Glen Gorden of Henter-Joyce

My questions are marked with JRG and responses from Glen Gorden are marked
with GG .  Glen is a developer at Henter-Joyce.

JRG: From your perspective, ideally what type of interface do you want to
use to get information about a WWW document.  Could you answer these
following questions.

JRG 1. From a technology standpoint would you rather rely primarily on
active accessibility objects for knowing about information on the screen or
use something like DOM which is more a model of underlying content of what
is being rendered?


JRG 2. Would it be useful to for you to provide your own speech or Braille
rendering using DOM with a synchronized visual highlighting of what you
were rendering on the visual display?  
This would allow sighted colleagues to see where information is being
spoken is coming from on the screen.

GG: This would be an interesting thing to experiment with and offers promise.

JRG 3. Do you see as one of the main weaknesses of the current DOM the lack
of visual display positional rendering information?

GG: Yes!

JRG 4. Are there other features that would make DOM useful for your purposes?

GG: None come immediately to mind.

End of quesitons and answers.

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