RE: PROPOSAL: Checkpoints related to TABLE accessibility

I mean "special case" because it different from other document object models
(note lower case).  For example, Microsoft Word has for years a range-based
object model that is very different from DOM Level 1.    DOM level 2 is
adding ranges, but there are still many differences between the two object

Similarly, Microsoft Excel has an object model that is also very different.
Accessibility aid vendors that wish to make maximum use of the information
available must "special case" Word, Excel and HTML.

Obviously, the advantage of DOM is that HTML is becoming the new standard
for mid-range text and graphics layout and is being implemented in many
different areas.  The work aid vendors do to implement DOM is well
leveraged, but it still specific to HTML and associated technologies.

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I don't think they need to think of DOM as a special case, just a different
case or representation of information being rendered.  Your demonstrations
of the intergration of HTML into a wide variety of applications at the F2F
meetings would indicate that the is a place for a content model like DOM.
As XML is developed the DOM model will probably become even more important.


At 01:16 PM 1/28/99 -0800, Charles Oppermann wrote:
>The flip side is asking accessibility aid vendors to special case DOM and
>HTML.  This special code would then only work for HTML presentation.
>It's interesting to note that accessibility aids using Active Accessibility
>do not need to alter the visual display, but that screen readers
>manipulating the Dynamic object model actually force specific visual
>to occur on the screen, so that the information can be read off the screen.

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