PLEASE REVIEW: Tables and conformance proposal (A)

Dear Jon,
I'm still following all the discussions and I am keeping quiet
mostly because all is heading in the right direction. Making
comments is not always effective. 
Here are some remarks:

Checkpoint 6.1.4 [Priority 1]: Fully implement the Document
Object Model Level 1.
I especially like the priority 1 for DOM level one. DOM has an
enormous potential, not only to the accessibility community. 

I understand both the weakness and the power in standards.
With DOM, I believe it will gain acceptance. Ultimately DOM
will also further the separation between structure and
contents (this may take a while). The concept of some object
model is obviously more acceptable than the DOM level 1
(must be level 2 and up in the future).

Checkpoint 6.2.7: [Priority 1]: Provide a means for the user
to execute a
script at the end of loading (onload event in HTML 4.0
specification) and
document changed (may not be defined in current W3C
standards) events.
With executing scripts I do not see the future. Scripts have a
way of obstructing other scripts. There is a potential chaos
(or anarchy?) in scripts. I think priority 2 is more appropriate.

Checkpoint 5.5.3 [Priority 1]: Allow users to navigate
between structural elements of the document.
I find this a very important one (and powerful). The rational
is important for it makes clear the power of it.

Hans Riesebos (
Research & Development
ARNHEM, The Netherlands

Received on Thursday, 28 January 1999 03:48:22 UTC