Re: SMIL: draft items for UA guidelines

to follow up on what Scott Luebking said:

> I was just wondering if there are any interaction issues
> between dynamic HTML and SMIL which needs to be taken in
> consideration, Scott

There is one big one.  This is a unified philosophy of control.
DHTML has one idea about how a child object can override or
rewrite its parent or ancestor, or cannot, or must may-I the
user.  SMIL has another idea.  This ignores the fact that the
ancestor of the SMIL may be HTML and vice versa.  This is only
going to get worse as dynamic content gets more prevalent.
Unifying things is going to take changes to published
Recommendations, I fear.  In any case, OOA and DOM may be the
shortest path to working this out.


Received on Wednesday, 30 September 1998 17:22:06 UTC