Re: Spawned browsers

At 02:24 PM 28-09-98 -0500, Paul Adelson <> wrote:

>An experienced user (who is blind), using latest-generation access tools --
>JFW3.2 and IE4.01 -- got totally flummoxed by a spawned browser window that
>generated a server error. He found himself many levels down into a site, on an
>that there were two windows open. On his own, he said, he would have closed
>everything and re-started his navigation from scratch.

Using only an unsteady headwand it is hard to keep up with spawned browsers
too. Not near as difficult as above, yet enough for it to be an issue.


>rather than the browser. Can we at least agree that if the issue is with his
>accessibility aid, it is still a UA issue, and still merits discussion by this
> -- Paul
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