Re: Political use of the guidelines

Hi, John
You have a good point about issues being transformed in the legal
process.  That's what I'm concerned about.  When technical decisions
are handled by legislators or regulators, the results can be rather
unsatisfying.  I think the priority should be first to do good technical
work on the guidelines and then develop legislative/regulatory suggestions
based the the technical work.  It will help both legislators/regulators
and the disabled world.


PS  Ever hear of the state legislature that declared pi to be 3.14
to make it easier for people to use?  (smile)

> Laws have a different test to become a reality than the current W3C WAI UA
> guidelines.  While legislators in some countries may choose the UA
> recommendations as a basis for an accessibility law, I am sure they will be
> greatly transformed in the process and look quite different.    It would
> also be one of many documents and other types of input that would go into
> any law.  I think it would be wise of us to focus on our present task of
> developing useful design recommendations to meet the needs of W3C member
> companies and persons with disabilities throughout the world, than to
> contemplate how our guidelines would be used in developing legislation in
> any particular country.    
> Editor and chair,
> Jon

Received on Monday, 28 September 1998 13:27:42 UTC