RE: A few thoughts on alternative rendering

I would like to move the discussion on the UA guidelines away from judging
wether a particular browser is accessible to the "blind" or any other
disability.  Our primary focus is to develop a list of features for user
agents that are useful for people with disabilities to access WWW

Chuck is correct that the W3C only develops recommendations and does not
have any enforcement mechanism to force any member organization to follow
any W3C recommendations, including such highly visible specifications like
HTML 4.0 and CSS1&CSS2.  Currently it is primarily market forces that drive
a particular companies adherance to W3C recommendations.   Remmember that
our recommendations must be reviewed by other W3C groups, administration
and finally approved by the W3C Advisory committee (which all major browser
manufacuters partiicpate).  So even if we wanted to have judgement type
statements in the UA guidelines(which I don't), I can guarantee they would
be weeded out before any proposed recommendation made it to recommendation
status.  It would also considerably slow down the recommendation process.

So let's not waste our previous resources focusing on what any paricular
company should or should not do related to accessibility, but let's move
our discussions to more important issues like table navigation and dynamic
HTML accessibility.  

If you want to express your opinion on the merits or problems of a
particular browser related to accessibility there are plenty of other lists
to send your comments, or you can send your comments directly to the

We must restrict our comments on the W3C WAI UA list to user interface
issues, if we are to accomplish our goals.

The chair and editor,
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