Keystroke pass-through

A question on Section 8.3, Compatibility with Third-party Assistive

The Cosmo Player (vrml player) seems to trap most keyboard input, and
doesn't pass it through even if the keystrokes are meaningless to the

Clearly, this interferes with Third-party Assistive Technology. But I'm
not clear on whether that problem is addressed in the UA guidelines, or
what a sensible way would be to word the requirement:
  >  Should user agents provide a way to toggle which application's
keyboard map has precedence, like Jaws for Windows does with its Jaws
Cursor / Windows Cursor options?
  >  Must an application pass through ALL keyboard input?
    *  Are there issues with security around this (e.g. password
  >  Or can we just assume that accessibility APIs will cover this


 -- Paul

Received on Thursday, 10 September 1998 15:08:19 UTC