UA Telecon Minutes

11:00-11:10 Guidelines reformatting issues
11:10-11:30 Keyboard access features
11:30-11:55 Tables
11:55-12:00 Action items

Kitch Barnicle
Jon Gunderson
Judy Brewer
Jim Allan
Harvey Bingham
Scott Luebking
Denis Anson

Action Items and Conclusions
Kitch and Jim will rewrite a principles section 
Jon and Ian will reformat presentation adjustment section
Jim Allan will contact IBM about F2F
Judy will contact Microsoft about F2F
Kitch is recruiting assistive technology vendors 
Jon will contact Will Walker 
Jon and Ian will update tables section

JG: Concerned about Microsoft not participating in the Working Group
JB: Netscape update, and W3C AC representation, they have first agreed and
resources were not allocated
Every time there appears to be progress , there is a lack of follow through
Opera is interested, but resources are limited. Can ask him to comment on WD
pwWebSpeak has been participating
Microsoft has been participating
KB: Voice activated browser companies
JG: Thank you to Kitch for recruiting people for the face-to-face meeting.
JB: If you do plan to attend, please register. 
JG: Reformatting issues
JB: There are two core principles:
1. Bottom line UA should have an accessible user interface
Redundancy of controls
Usability features
2. Explain what non-proprietary standards can be used to accomplish this 
We need to do some melding of current guidelines into these principles
SL: Grouping of controls?
JB: My two underlying principles
The current status of the principle section? Does it need to be rewritten
KB: We want to more clearly state the principles of general accessibility
JA: We need to be blatently clear about our principles
JB: We need clarity, for people who will be looking to comply
Kitch if you could send me the information, I could try to write a draft
JB: I am looking ahead, PA and UA are moving to recommendation status
We are looking at issues that might come up in the recommendation process.
Guidelines need to be well structured and consistent with other WAI documents
A multi-tier document that:
Principles section
Techniques sections
Detailed implementation
Example would be the table section in the current WD
We may need to mock up a section
The challenge is time
What are peoples reaction
DA: The implementation should be separate
JB: The detailed implementation is separate
DA: Principles stay the same
KB: We are talking about that tables
JG: Is Ian Jacobs working on this
JB: Conversation with Philip Hoshka, about multi-media. I will send to the
SL: Idea off topic, useful for the access board to request a copy of the
JB: Out of scope for working group
HB: IBM and SUN should also be participating
JA: I will contact IBM
HB: Netscape has Bingham
KB: Who else should we be contacting
JB: Will Waker might 
JG: Should we have demonstrations?
HB: The various tools bring up ideas
JA: A good idea
HB: Critic
JB: Brief descriptions, relate to guidelines, short
We want to wrap up the process, we need to focus
JB: Issues list needs to be finished
Process issue: go off line
Not alot of work since last meeting
JG: tables
HB: Added comments and recast the tables, move to techniques document
A question based on row rendering
Wrapping within a table cell
Examples of wrapping is not needed
The folding would not necessarily add meaning
As the descriptions of rows and column content, rendering the header lists
There was a 3x3 table and the row and column 
The naive approach would be to blast out the type of cell
JA: Are you talking about a 3x3 table with TH and TD tags
DA: Need to recast the data cells for data tables
SL: There is no row and column numbering. I think that this will be important
for people to tell you 
JA: We should use real words
DA: Are headers used appropriately
HB: They are used appropriately used and some time not
He gave an example
SL: An additional complication with tables that TH are used for captioning
This is tricker
Headers are used 
JG: Keyboard commands to switch rendering
DA: How will people remember these commands
SL: Use a pop up meeting
DA: Properties menu that is keyboard accessible
SL: A explore function, provide attributes that lets a person to explore the
HB: Examine rows and columns
SL: Display or data rendering. 

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