RE: A short demo of some keyboard navigation

I would urge all member of the group to look at the demonstration version
of pwWebSpeak and other browser software like emacs speech, and scotts
demonstration to get a feel for how how accessibility features can be


At 06:03 PM 9/2/98 -0400, Markku T. Hakkinen wrote:
>Not to be left out...
>WebSpeak has full keyboard navigation of web pages. Documentation on the
>product is available at and an eval
>version is also available.  Keyboard functions are customisable, as are the
>rendering and what I guess might be called "chunking" rules (we call them
>page elements).
>> See emacspeak/W3 for a full fledged keyboard interface to
>> navigating the structure of a WWW page --there are real live
>> users using this on a daily basis.
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