Re: frames and frame attributes (long-term)

It is easy to say what needs to happen when there are independent
contents in two frames or when the two frames contain the same
thing, just presented differently.

In the future there are more general relationships that can exist
in the information coverage of related frames.  These could cause
some but not all events to ripple between frames, as when one
follows a hyperlink in a body frame that loads a new body frame;
should the selection in the related Table of Contents frame be

At present we have two "discrepancy reports" against web technology
which suggest a clearer and simpler sub-dialog management policy
is needed:

	- It is too easy for people to get lost in framesets,
	with or without vision.

	- The rules for who can overwrite who in frames and SMIL
	are suspected of being neither powerful enough nor
	controlled enough.  And we need a unified model.

OOA may help us define that simpler policy.


Received on Tuesday, 25 August 1998 14:48:47 UTC