Re: Spawned browsers

What is the HTML that is sent (or other commands) that tells the browser to
spawn itself?

At 02:36 PM 8/24/98 -0500, Paul Adelson wrote:
>The current UA draft doesn’t seem to cover spawned browser windows 
>entirely new copies of the browser that can currently be generated
>without the user’s awareness. Spawned windows present a number of
>accessibility issues. For instance, I can’t even describe the confusion
>I recently witnessed when a server error message got routed to an
>‘invisible’ browser window that didn’t have the focus.
>The potential for spawned browsers housing nasty applets that a blind
>user has no way to know about is another problematic issue.
>I would like to suggest the following:
>1) The user should have the option of being notified when a new copy of
>the browser is opened, and that notification should be available to
>third party applications such as screen readers.
>2) The user should have the option of overriding any author designated
>properties for spawned browsers, such as window size, whether or not the
>standard toolbar is available, whether or not scripts are enabled, etc.
>3) Every open copy of a browser should have a separate, accessible
>identifier. For example, Netscape and IE currently put the page name and
>their name on the browser title-bar (e.g. “YourCo Home  Netscape”).
>When multiple copies of the browser are open, a more informative title
>would be something like “YourCo Home  Netscape Copy 3” or “YourCo Home
> MS Internet Explorer: 2”.
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