Pop up windows (once more)

Most of the pop up windows stuff belongs in 
my view to user agents, that's why I am trying 
to move the discussion to this list rather than 
to IG.

Paul Adelson considered four issues:

* Pop-up Confirmation boxes

    If you mean Javascript alerts, the only way to turn them off 
    is by turning off Javascript. In principle one can write a 
    browser that respects Javascript but disregards 
    (if so configured) the "alerts".

* Spawning new browser windows
   There are browsers, notably Opera 3.x, that allows 
   the user to disable generation of new windows 
   via target="_blank" and javascript. (while keeping 
   JavaScript on)

* Spawning specifically sized  browser windows (e.g. 640 x 480)
* Spawning browser windows without standard toolbars etc.
   In my view these features of controlling a new window's size
   or tool bars presence, should be given some control of 
   the user. Most browsers respect scripts as if the author
   of the documents decides the settings of the browser.
   This is unacceptable.  Opera doesn't have tool bars for 
   every window, but one tool bar that applies to the window 
   that has the user's focus. Therefore it actually allows 
   the user to override the arrogant autrhor's decision to 
   have no tool bars. 

In my view user agents should give user much more control 
of these features.  


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