Re: Pop-up windows

This is in response to an (eclosed below) message to the GL list 

I think that pop up windows should go to User 
Agents too, not only to authoring guidelines.

What I do to avoid them is that I turn off JavaScript and Java.

It would have been better if browsers could have been configured 
to disable/customize particular scripting functions.

I suspect though that this can be put in a User agent guidelines,
only after there is a DOM spec. recommendation.

Nir Dagan

> An interesting point raised on the IG list - pop-up windows throw people 
> out of context. Which is hell for navigation.
> DaveP said that his approach was to immediately close them down (my usual 
> approach) as the only way to cope with them.
> We should add them in section C - they are control devices. I think they 
> are a no-no for accessibility (P1) although it could be argued that since 
> they are just an annoyance (making everyone equal) and can be shut down 
> they are only a P2 no-no.
> Charles McCN

Received on Tuesday, 21 July 1998 05:43:03 UTC