Draft UA test

At 08:33 AM 14-07-98 -0400, Kitch Barnicle <kitch@afb.net> wrote:
>I agree that measuring "improved access" is vague. The charter also says
>that we will "Evaluate the usability of accessibility features" under 2.1
>scope of work items. What if instead we  say something like, "Establish a
>mechanism for having users with disabilities test the usability of user

Having people with disabilities test UA developments would be great. Yet
perhaps even better would be to give software designers guild lines that let
them somewhat emulate how people with disabilities use computers. Designers
know their software & might be able to increase its usability with proper
insight. For keyboard use it is relatively easy to emulate disabilities; use
1 finger with increased keyboard sensitivity & repeat rate, more detail
could be added. I'm not sure how that could be done with visual & other
disabilities, hopefully people in those fields could fill-in. If designer
emulation guild lines could be made they would be useful in all software
development. If the idea is pursued I'm open to a side discussion.


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