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Re: We should fix this Re: Level AA exceptions

From: Chaals McCathie Nevile <chaals@yandex-team.ru>
Date: Sat, 22 Aug 2015 17:59:02 +0200
To: "Wayne Dick" <wayneedick@gmail.com>, "David MacDonald" <david100@sympatico.ca>
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On Sun, 16 Aug 2015 14:02:00 +0200, David MacDonald  
<david100@sympatico.ca> wrote:

> In my experience, the reason we went from the priority system in WCAG 1  
> to the Level A, AA, AAA in WCAG 2 was because WCAG 1 >was highly  
> criticized for giving the perception of prioritizing one disability over  
> another.

Fair enough, except the same criticism can be leveled at WCAG 2.

> In my memory, at the time of WCAG2, blindness gaps were easier to test,  
> measure and correct than many other disabilities. >Barriers for the  
> blind were brick walls, and the things that helped the blind also helped  
> many other disabilities (Keyboard >access, text alternatives etc,  
> programmatically associated labels etc...), and so there is a leaning on  
> those at Level A.


> It's a very difficult thing to document rationale for every decision  
> without risking a political minefield of appearing to >prioritize one  
> disability over another, but I think we may have to do it going forward  
> ...


> however, we need to realize that doing so will slow our process down  
> because there will be very heated discussions in order >to get consensus  
> on (1) rationale (2) what to put in (3) where to put things. Consensus  
> is a very delicate and difficult >thing and if there is a miracle in the  
> WCAG 2 it is that we achieved consensus, without one formal objection.
> Each of us had things we would have liked to see different. For me, I  
> wrote most of 1.4.8 which I wish had been placed at >Level AA. For  
> others in the group, they had things they wanted.

I wonder if we will actually find it easier if we document who is  
affected, and in what way. It might make it easier to get consensus - or  


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