RE: Accessible Testing Protocol for Mobile Website

It is critical that we correctly frame the discussion, questions, and 

Yes WCAG can and should be used to frame the Mobile testing, but beyond 
that we quickly need to distinguish between 
        mobile *web* testing 
        mobile *native app* testing 
        and the overlap with
        mobile *hybrid app* testing 

the other dimension to the framework is the platform, as in iOS, Android, 
Windows, etc.

For the old timers, this reminds me of the early days of Web accesibility 
in the late 1990's during the browser wars and trying to support Windows, 
Linux, OS/2, etc...

Next phase will be tooling for improved *mobile testing* productivity. 
Remember the early days with Bobby? 
For example, IBM has been demonstrating a mobile *native app* 
accessibility checker.
and IBM is already delivering on inclusive IBM Design Thinking early on 
during the wireframe and front-end prototype phases of "mobile" projects.
Phill Jenkins, 
IBM Accessibility

Received on Thursday, 5 February 2015 17:21:05 UTC