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> but to the average person they put a document on a scanner (or scan it
> from a computer document) export it as a pdf and add it as an
> "attachment" in or after a document.  fast, simple, easy, but not very
> accessible.

That's a consequence of scan to file replacing photocopying and 
micro-filming, not of the existence of PDF.  If PDF couldn't do this 
(and, because you use so little of PDF, the programming to add it to the 
scan/fax/copy/print machine is trivial), these documents would be in TIFF.

In both cases, you would need the same expertise, and man hours, to OCR, 
proof, correct, markup, etc., and for many of the cases where this is 
done, that just isn't going to happen.  E.g. if my condominium manager 
wants to share a paper supplier invoice with the residents, they will 
either photocopy it or distribute a, text free, scanned image.

However, I would say that most of the PDF's that I read are not bit map 

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