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Sorry if this is off topic: obviously not interesting for all of you!


I'm going to teach a small group from a new organization for the disabled in Bhutan web publishing. They have an initial WordPress site (developed by a professional designer from Bhutan). We'll therefore continue to use this CMS. Even if I'm the course holder I've never used WP before, but I'm working with html, css, javascript etc.


I'm a screen reader user. Both to learn myselves WP and to share my experiences I've started to create a blog. Topics will include WP-accessibility, plans for the one week course, a little bit from Bhutan (we'll leave Norway June 10), ... I'll stop blogging as soon as the course is finished.


Published contents have to be accessible of course, but some of the publishers do have disabilities. The CMS is therefore also very important. I'll mainly focus on the CMS (we already know that WP is capable of creating quite accessible contents given suitable themes, widgets/plugins etc). Tips and comments are extremely appreasiated!


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