Re: Undoubtedly, an oversimplification ...

On 02/05/14 22:22, L Robinson wrote:

> I am confused by other people's, and your, usage of the word
> "application". In my understanding, a web site is an application, and
> what most people refer to as an "application" is a bespoke piece of
> technology, that has strictures in terms of it's operating environment,

He means that modern web pages are computer programs that run on the 
client machine, rather than documents to be viewed.  An application is 
short for "application program", and is what is shortened to "app" in 
mobile phone terminology.

HTML5 made this change, from document to computer program, explicit, as 
the term Web Application appeared in the name of the organisation that 
specified it (which was not W3C, and was competing with them at the 
time).  However the transition started happening more or less as soon as 
the first Netscape browsers were produced.

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