Re: Seeking feedback on IAAP certification roadmap

On 13 Apr 2014, at 05:23, Paul Bohman <> wrote:

> I can't say exactly what will be included in the assessment, because it isn't written yet. In fact, that's one of the next steps: define the competencies to be tested for certification.

I'd say this would make a lot of sense if the 'industry' (or the professional accessibility community or whatever we'd swish to call it) were to agree on a core set of competencies (and by implication: the core parts for a resp. curriculum - which to be honest I find more urgent to have [including adequate material for eduction/training] than the certification).

While there is a lot of stuff 'out there', I still fail to see exactly what that agreed upon core set of competencies or core parts of a curriculum would be. It might be that it's just me not being aware of them… 

Any pointers anyone?



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