Re: Seeking feedback on IAAP certification roadmap

I see it often having the effect of driving away "consumers" who may not 
have the education credentials but have many years of llife experience 
that they bring to the table.
and in other organizations (I was a charter member of one of them) I see 
it creating a "gathering of credentials" rather than a "Gathering of 
knowledge and experience"

so I view almost all non governmental accedidation organizations with a 
very large grain of salt.

and since I retired last year I have no dog in this hunt. just 40 years of 
experience and work including crafting some of the regs that I wish to 

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> Subject: Re: Seeking feedback on IAAP certification roadmap
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> Does this make our tools more effective and bring us closer to accessibility?
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> On Apr 8, 2014, at 13:15, Paul Bohman <> wrote:
> Cross posted request for feedback:
> The International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) needs your feedback on our roadmap for accessibility certification. Here is the roadmap as it stands now:
> We are still in the early stages of designing the certification, so your feedback is most valuable now, before we commit to a certain path.
> Here are some questions to consider as you read the roadmap:
> What do you think of the roadmap overall?
> What would you do to improve our roadmap?
> What do you think of the levels of certification outlined in the roadmap?
> Are there any broad Knowledge Domains and Roles that we have left off that should be included?
> Do you like our list of Digital Accessibility areas of certification? Should we add to or subtract from this list? (For example, one person commented that we should add gaming to the list.)
> Do you like the idea of certifying for these areas separately, in a modular approach as we have done? (See the section on Referencing IAAP Credentials for an explanation of how this might work)
> Do you like the 3 year period for certification? Would you make it shorter (2 years) or longer (5 years)?
> What kind of certification assessment would you create? Keep in mind that it has to be a valid and meaningful test of the right kind of competencies, it must be challenging enough that novices could not pass it without first studying or gaining experience,  it must be scalable (not too burdensome to administer or grade/score the assessment), and translatable into other languages.
> Once certification becomes available, do you think you would go through the process to become certified? Why or why not?
> What else should we consider as we move forward?
> To give feedback, you can reply directly to this email, or you can send an email to the certification committee:
> Paul Bohman, PhD
> Chair, IAAP Certification Committee
> Director of Training
> Deque Systems, Inc
> 703-225-0380, ext.121

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